The Magical Teapot

Once there was a teapot. Each morning he would sprout his legs and started to roam around the city shooting candy and confetti out of his spout. Then one day, a carrot fell from the sky into his spout and his spout was clogged. The carrot started filling up with candy and confetti. Then, someone took the carrot out of his spout and ate it. He got very sick. The king was very angry that the teapot made someone sick so he was banished the teapot from the country.

The King in his Castle (Submitted Story)

submitted by “hg”

There was a king who lived in a castle all by himself. He would give the sun and the moon for some company, so he set out to find someone to talk to. He saw a beautiful flower on the side of the road. He thought “If I pick this flower I can give it to a princess and she’ll marry me!” As he reached down to pluck it, it yelled “Stop!” He picked it anyway and it turned into a beetle that wouldn’t stop talking. Now he wanted solitude!

The Dot that got Squished

Once there was a dot. His name was Tod and he lived very snug in his comfortable hole. One day, someone came by with a hat and mustache, holding a paintbrush and a palette. He was also holding a canvas that he placed on the ground. He was an artist. The artist saw Tod and stuffed him into the palette! Then he dabbed the paintbrush into Tod and squished Tod on the canvas. Then Tod never made art again (because he was art).