Tinystories Begins

On  November 23, 2015, my friend and I had a play date and we couldn’t find anything to do. Then after a few minutes he suggested that we could do a little writing, short tiny stories. When I finally said okay, we went to the drawer to get some little tiny paper cards that we could write on. We gave it a title, author’s name and also a website called www.tinystories.org just to make it seem more professional. We read our stories to everybody and we were very proud of our little stories. Then when my dad came to pick me up from my friend’s house, we let him read both of our stories and at the end he said that he could see if that website name is available and if it would be, we would make a website out of it. luckily, when I got home it was available and in the next few days, the new website was already really cool. So that’s how this website came to be.