About the Team

The Authors/Editors

About nw:

I am a very silly kid. I have three friends that I always play with. I am not the kind of kid that likes guns and violence, I like building stuff and I have a very good sense of humour. I like playing Minecraft. It is a very fun, creative game where you can basically build whatever you want. My three best friends also play Minecraft. I also like playing baseball and piano.

About st:

I love Minecraft and other video games. I also like writing, reading and learning. I have a sister, dog, fish, cat and an aupair. My dog’s name is Salvitor. I am one of the three friends that nw mentioned. I love baseball and piano. I sleep in a bunk bed with my sister (I sleep in the top bunk).

The Illustrator

About bc:

I am also one of the three friends that nw mentioned. I am crazy and I love video games. I like Minecraft too. I am really good in the hunger games in Minecraft the hive. I have a sister sleep on separate beds I wish to have a pet like a dog but my parents won’t let me get one until I am 12. My favorite video game is called Clash of Clans.