The King in his Castle (Submitted Story)

submitted by “hg”

There was a king who lived in a castle all by himself. He would give the sun and the moon for some company, so he set out to find someone to talk to. He saw a beautiful flower on the side of the road. He thought “If I pick this flower I can give it to a princess and she’ll marry me!” As he reached down to pluck it, it yelled “Stop!” He picked it anyway and it turned into a beetle that wouldn’t stop talking. Now he wanted solitude!

The Pen

Once there was a boy named Alex. He had a pen that he liked very much. One day he was writing with it and the paper suddenly got splattered in orange paint. Alex was very confused. He took the pen to a pen doctor and the doctor got showered with confetti. Alex took it to another pen doctor and toxic gas spewed out of the pen. It was a bad disease. The ceiling opened and air masks fell from helicopters above. Then Alex decided never to use a pen again.

Happy Birthday!!! Hour # 1

Fred woke up and jumped out of bed.  Today was his birthday!!!  He raced down stairs to see his parents.  They were putting a present on the table.  Then he went back up stairs and got dressed.  Then he raced back down stairs to see his friends arriving at the door.