The King in his Castle (Submitted Story)

submitted by “hg”

There was a king who lived in a castle all by himself. He would give the sun and the moon for some company, so he set out to find someone to talk to. He saw a beautiful flower on the side of the road. He thought “If I pick this flower I can give it to a princess and she’ll marry me!” As he reached down to pluck it, it yelled “Stop!” He picked it anyway and it turned into a beetle that wouldn’t stop talking. Now he wanted solitude!

Pency the Magic Pencil

Once upon a time there was a pencil. It’s name was Pency. One day he was drawing made up creatures on his paper house and suddenly he thought something moved. Pency turned around to see what had moved only to see nothing. He turned back to the cyclops he was drawing only to see that it wasn’t there!!! Then suddenly he saw his drawing. It was alive! Then he realized that he was magic. He could draw anything and it would come to life! Then he lived happily ever after.

The Pillow Man

Once upon a time there lived a pillow man. Or you might say lived. What he really did was transform into a normal old pillow and a bunch of people would use him. Then in the middle of the night he would open up and sticky feathers would fly out of the opening. Then they all stuck to the person who was sleeping and turned into a chicken. After all that the pillow turned into the pillow man and took the chicken to his farm. And the chickens lived happily ever after.