Now it’s time for you to write a tinystory for!

What we like

  • Funny stuff!
  • Wacky stuff!
  • Made-up characters!
  • Non-realistic stuff!


  • No very bad words!
  • Stories need to be no longer than 90 words and no shorter than 35.
  • All stories should have a beginning, middle and end, in the correct order.

How to do it

  1. Fill out form below or send us a story by email to editors “at”
  2. If you use form, click ‘Submit story’ once you’ve made your story and filled out the blanks. NOTE: please write your initials in your story.

What happens next?

  • Just so you know, we can’t post ALL of the stories we get.
  • We’ll read your story and we’ll let you know if we’re going to post it.
  • The editors, nw and st, will fix a few things if we need to, like cut it down so it meets the no-more-than-90-words rule.
  • If your story does not follow any of the other rules we might not post your story.
  • If we cut it down to the no-more-than-90-words rule it might not make sense so we might not post the story.
  • It might say that it is by nw or st but don’t worry because that just means that one of those users posted it.

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