The Dog Toy Named Lambchop

Once, there was a grandma named Pat who went to a dog toy store. She got a toy we named “Lambchop.” When she got home she gave it to her dog Wyatt. In the next two days the toy was ruined so she went back to the toy shop for another one. The same thing happened in the next two days and the same problem happened over and over again until she had no money and that is what you get for buying a toy for your dog.

The Funny Bunny

Once, there was a bunny. A very funny one. He went around jumping out of peoples’ hats and saying funny things. He was so funny, he made everyone die of laughter. Then one day, he jumped out of a hat and said funny things to this hobo walking down the street, but the hobo didn’t laugh! The bunny tried and tried to make him laugh but never did the hobo laugh! After an hour, he finally gave up. He was so sad, he never made any funny jokes again.





The King in his Castle (Submitted Story)

submitted by “hg”

There was a king who lived in a castle all by himself. He would give the sun and the moon for some company, so he set out to find someone to talk to. He saw a beautiful flower on the side of the road. He thought “If I pick this flower I can give it to a princess and she’ll marry me!” As he reached down to pluck it, it yelled “Stop!” He picked it anyway and it turned into a beetle that wouldn’t stop talking. Now he wanted solitude!

The Hamster Who Toasted Bread

Once upon a time there was a hamster. His name was Chucky and he always longed for toast. One day he was walking along when a toaster came flying through his cage. Then moments later a slice of bread flew in as well. Chucky was such in awe at the sight of the toast and the bread, that he ran at top speed to the items, stuffed the toast in the toaster, and got sucked into the toaster! It was a portal! Then he never wanted to have toast again.