The TV That Hears

Once, there was a family that likes to watch tv. One day they were watching a commercial. The boy said “Hay this commercial is stupid so turn it down.”Surpriseingly the person in the tv said “Do not turn this commercial down Bobby (Bobby is his name) or we will sue you.” The whole family screamed and shut the tv off. Unfortunately the person who was in the tv came two days later and sued them. The same thing happened to them again except a different person on tv


Happy Birthday!!! Hour # 1

Fred woke up and jumped out of bed.  Today was his birthday!!!  He raced down stairs to see his parents.  They were putting a present on the table.  Then he went back up stairs and got dressed.  Then he raced back down stairs to see his friends arriving at the door.


This is a slideshow of a bunch of different kinds of stuff like food, household items and etc. We made the words all typos just to make it a fun slideshow.