The Hamster Who Toasted Bread

Once upon a time there was a hamster. His name was Chucky and he always longed for toast. One day he was walking along when a toaster came flying through his cage. Then moments later a slice of bread flew in as well. Chucky was such in awe at the sight of the toast and the bread, that he ran at top speed to the items, stuffed the toast in the toaster, and got sucked into the toaster! It was a portal! Then he never wanted to have toast again.

The Dot that got Squished

Once there was a dot. His name was Tod and he lived very snug in his comfortable hole. One day, someone came by with a hat and mustache, holding a paintbrush and a palette. He was also holding a canvas that he placed on the ground. He was an artist. The artist saw Tod and stuffed him into the palette! Then he dabbed the paintbrush into Tod and squished Tod on the canvas. Then Tod never made art again (because he was art).

Super Bunny

Once there was a Super Bunny who lived a very comfortable life on a couple of spikes in a cemetery, eating slugs dressed in carrot suits. One day he heard a scream! Super Bunny to the rescue! Super Bunny knocked down some spikes and one of graves opened! Super Bunny jumped in to the grave to get his Super Carrot Suit. Then he flew to the city, knocking over everything. When he got there he made total chaos only to see someone screaming at a toothbrush.

The Pen

Once there was a boy named Alex. He had a pen that he liked very much. One day he was writing with it and the paper suddenly got splattered in orange paint. Alex was very confused. He took the pen to a pen doctor and the doctor got showered with confetti. Alex took it to another pen doctor and toxic gas spewed out of the pen. It was a bad disease. The ceiling opened and air masks fell from helicopters above. Then Alex decided never to use a pen again.

The Spark who Jumped

Once upon a time there was a spark. His name was Sparky. He lived in a family with a bunch of sparks. Every time a human set a fire, everyone in his family jumped in it. Except Sparky. He could never jump. He would just lie there experiencing the most boring part of life. Then one day, Sparky found a magic wand on the ground. He pointed it to a tree and said, “Fart!”. The tree farted. Then he pointed it at himself and said, “Be jumpy!”. He jumped.

Pency the Magic Pencil

Once upon a time there was a pencil. It’s name was Pency. One day he was drawing made up creatures on his paper house and suddenly he thought something moved. Pency turned around to see what had moved only to see nothing. He turned back to the cyclops he was drawing only to see that it wasn’t there!!! Then suddenly he saw his drawing. It was alive! Then he realized that he was magic. He could draw anything and it would come to life! Then he lived happily ever after.