Super Baby

Once upon a time, there was a baby. He was called Super Baby. He had a cape that had the letter SB on it that stood for Super Baby. One day, Super Baby was on the Empire State Building when he heard a scream. Super Baby to the rescue! He jumped off the Empire State Building attempting to fly but he just fell down. But then he had to go to the hospital and when he discovered what the scream was, it was just someone getting a new baby.

super story ilistation

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The Wiggly Man

Once upon a time, there was a man. He was called, The Wiggly Man. He wiggled all the time. He wiggled in bed, playing piano, watching TV, in the bathroom (I didn’t see that), eating food, going shopping and much more places. He lives in a city called Wiggleton on Wiggly Wiggleio Ave. It is in Wigglyland. Sometimes, he would travel to earth in a Wiggleship to find wiggly things. Then he would come back to Wigglyland and keep them.

Wiggly story illiustration2

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The Apple Man

Once upon a time, there was a person with a huge apple for a head. He was called The Apple Man. When ever he saw an apple tree he would charge towards the apple tree in search of an apple. He is an explorer that explores the forest. Then after a few years he turned human and he was normal.

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