Trouble With Santa (holiday edition)


Once upon a Christmas, Santa was flying through the night sky with his trusty reindeer. And then…

Chapter # 1

It was finally Christmas Eve in New York City. Everyone was hanging lights and ornaments on the huge Christmas tree at Lincoln Center.

Chapter # 2

“Finally it’s Christmas!” Fred shouted as he ran downstairs. But then he noticed something strange. There were no presents under the Christmas tree. Then he waited and waited for Santa to come. He waited till the day ended. then he had to go to sleep.

Chapter # 3

Suddenly Fred’s alarm clock started ringing in the middle of the night. “I guess I’ll go look out the window to see how dark it is out side,” he said to himself. But when he looked out the window, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There lying on the ground was a very injured Santa beside a tree and a broken sleigh. Then Fred went outside to help Santa. Then he thought, “So that’s why Santa couldn’t give out any presents.” When he got outside Fred ran towards Santa. “T-take this Fred” he said in a weary voice. Fred took the present in Santa’s hand and thanked him. Then he said “I should take you to the hospital.” Then Fred took Santa to the hospital, said goodbye, went home and opened his present.

-nw and st

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